Bruce Peterson

  • 1982

    University of Wales

    A graduate of the 1982 class of engineering from the University of Wales, he was also a chartered engineer registered with the IET in London. One of the pioneers of Mobile telephony he practiced as an Engineer for almost 32 years in the UK, Middle East and South East Asia. He is often asked to be a spokesperson and now works as a tutor and trainer in English communication.

  • 1996

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    In 1996 Bruce Peterson found himself on a Cathay Pacific flight from Hong Kong, where he was living, bound for Kuala Lumpur. He’d been sent as his boss put it, to “Just finish up a job in K.L., it should only take a couple of months”.

  • 1998

    Back to Hong Kong

    Two years later he finally made it back to Hong Kong, during which time the Hong Kong enclave had been returned to Chinese jurisdiction.

  • 2000

    And back to Kuala Lumpur

    The warm ambience of Malaysia and the inherent friendliness of its people had left its mark. So much so that, like many before him, Bruce decided to settle in K.L. Despite the changes in the twenty years since then, Bruce resolutely regards K.L. as his home. As his father said in a live telecast from the U.K. to the assembled guests in K.L. for Bruce’s 50th birthday. “Bruce was enraptured with life in south east Asia”, and that he fully expected Bruce to remain there for the rest of his life.

    With a natural flair for engaging with people of different ethnicity and culture, he has always been most at home sinking submarines from a wire mesh canoe deep in the tropical jungle.

  • 2018

    Now Playing

    Currently, he produces a weekly topical talk ‘Letter from the Orient’. The title suggested by one of Malaysia’s most eminent surgeons echoing the legendary broadcaster Alistair Cooke, though Bruce is at pains to point out that he regards his efforts as childish scribbling by comparison.

    Now working on the third episode of his thirteen-part, half hour documentary series for narrowcast Internet television, ‘Analysis Assignment’. These review enigmatic episodes in modern history, presenting an enlightening alternative, controversial and usually more credible explanation than so called ‘official history’. For instance, his thesis that Lee H. Oswald served his country with honor and distinction and deserves to have his name cleared once and for all.

    He is hopelessly fascinated with the golden era of the Hollywood movies. Play it again Sam!

  • Bruce’s book focuses on how to make acquiring English as a second language a lot more fun that you ever imagined.

  • He also tries to put the language in context so that the reader gains a real insight into the bizarre and complex people the British are.

  • It’s a book with something for everyone no matter if they are beginners or advanced speakers.

  • Bruce’s style makes it both informative and an enjoyable read at the same time.

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