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English from Afar takes a light-hearted look at the methods a reader can employ to learn English as a second language. Presenting readers with a witty and easy read, this book is written to be informative and entertaining and is laced with colourful tales from Bruce’s nearly 25 years as an Englishman abroad.

Starting with the idea that getting your meaning across is far more important than the words themselves, Bruce explains why “sorry could you repeat that” is the most important question a learner can be asked and nothing to fear. The book focuses on how to make acquiring English as a second language more fun, whilst trying to put the language in context to give readers a real insight into the bizarre and complex people that the British are.

With something for both the beginner and the more advanced speaker, English from Afar is packed with good advice, tips and tricks which go beyond the classroom. Using real examples, the book shows readers how to succeed with interviews and public speaking, to manage fear and to tap into the English themselves when help is required.

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Bruce Peterson - Author

Bruce is the author. He is hopelessly fascinated with the golden era of the Hollywood movies. Play it again Sam!

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  • It complete all angle n ppl not bore the book

  • I have read it and it seems to be an unconventional and light hearted approach towards learning English. It will suit a big market of undergraduates who just want their communication improved.

    Professor Phang (Retired)
  • Stripped down to make it very understandable

  • Good stuff - it looks and reads well –

  • Great concept – short chap. get high achievement sense faster.

  • When can get vol 2?

  • Love your book OM, says many of the things I have often thought and preached too. Cheers OM.

    Bob E
  • Every word rang bells


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