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  • English from afar is a light-hearted look at the ways to succeed in learning English as a second language.

  • Laced with colorful tails from Bruce’s 25-year experience as an Englishman abroad it presents the reader with a witty and entertaining easy read.

  • There are no pages of exercises, simply by reading you will grow your vocabulary and understanding.

  • But it also does something few other books do – explain when and why accuracy is needed as well as helping the reader to understand that far more important is the idea of communicating the meaning than just speaking using English words.

  • Bruce’s book focuses on how to make acquiring English as a second language a lot more fun that you ever imagined.

  • He also tries to put the language in context so that the reader gains a real insight into the bizarre and complex people the British are.

  • It’s a book with something for everyone no matter if they are beginners or advanced speakers. Bruce’s style makes it both informative and an enjoyable read at the same time.

Bruce Peterson

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